QC Manager


Post duties:

1. assist production vice president to establish quality management system, evening quality management documents and related systems.

2. reporting quality problems in production process, and organizing production and technical departments to analyze, rectify, supervise and implement problems.

3. quality management of supplier products;

4. investigate, process and analyze quality accidents.

5. responsible for customer quality improvement, supervision and effect implementation.

6. responsible for quality statistics and analysis, responsible for the management of space and laboratory equipment.

7. organize quality education and related training for employees;

8. the work done by other superiors;

Post requirements:

1. college or above major in mechanical engineering, machine processing or valve enterprises over 5 years of field quality inspection experience, of which more than 3 years of work experience in quality management;

2. have relevant quality management certificate, familiar with ISO9001 quality management system certification, 5S field quality management experience is preferred.

3. analysis ability to control quality cost

4. conscientiously responsible, good communication skills and strong verbal communication skills.

If you are interested in the above position, if you want to join us or further understand the details, please send your resume to @energieforum-berlin.com or contact number: 0519-88291625