Business Assistant


Post duties:

1. to assist business leaders in completing business quotation and contract, project bidding, sales statistics and tracking daily work;

2. to assist business executives in completing the work and cost statistics of salesmen;

3. assist business leaders to update project information and industry dynamics regularly.

4. to assist business leaders in doing outreach work and providing job briefings.

5. other tasks arranged by the person in charge of the business;

Post requirements:

1. female, college degree or above in engineering, more than 5 years working experience in business or sales assistant, preferably with mechanical design related technical background.

2. proficiency in using AutoCAD, PS, Photoshop, Office and other commonly used software priority.

3. good writing ability, clear thinking, strong action and strong learning ability.

If you are interested in the above position, if you want to join us or further understand the details, please send your resume to or contact number: 0519-88291625