Technical support


Job position

Technical support for 2-3 people

Post duties

1. understand the company's product knowledge, be able to independently explain the design and product recommendation to customers.

2. through the study, we can complete the assembly test and technical test of the company's products.

3. understand and familiarity with the whole process of product production, and be able to accomplish various tasks independently.

4. through training and learning, we can judge the customer's field conditions and provide effective solutions.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, HVAC, chemical engineering.

2, bear hardships and stand hard work, steady and steady, conscientiously accomplish various tasks.

3, can adapt to short-term business trip, good at communicating with customers, have certain language expression ability.

4. High sense of responsibility and good teamwork spirit.

Salary and welfare:

1, the company provides competitive remuneration, has a perfect remuneration mechanism, promotion mechanism and development space.

2, pay five risks one gold.

3, work time: 8 hours working system, single rest.

4, a working day meal, a birthday cake, etc

Address: Jing Kai District Rail Transit Industrial Park (Lucheng Street)

If you are interested in the above position, if you want to join us or further understand the details, please send your resume to or contact number: 0519-88291625