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Inverted bucket Steam Trap


  Product Feature: AcKaM inverted bucket steam trap is constructed with free-hook float bucket structure. Intermittent drainage property enables it to be used on equipment where slow start-up can be tolerated. This kind of steam trap can handle superheated steam by installing check valves. Small-sized inverted bucket is primarily used in drip, tracer and steam pipeline applications. High voltage forged inverted bucket can bear 18.6MPa at most.


Max.Capacity (kg/h)


Ductile Iron

17DN15-DN50Screw / Flange5100
AIB541Cast Steel41DN15-DN80Screw / Flange 9100
AIB845Forged Steel45DN15-DN50Screw / Flange



Forged Cr-Mo Steel

69DN15-DN50Flange / BW9000
AIB81Forged Alloy Steel186DN15-DN40Flange / BW3000