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Condensate recovery pump and device

There are five requirements for pressure driven pump selection:Examples of system conditions:
1. condensate load1. condensate load                  3635 kilos / hour
2. condensate pressure2. condensate pressure                  3.4bar
3. driving pump's dynamic gas pressure3. power gas pressure               steam6.9bao
4. effective pressure head can be provided between the bottom of the recovery tank and the top of the pump.4.Pressure head                        12"(305mm)
5. total back pressure (BP)5.Total back pressure(BP)=5.1+5.2
  5.1 condensate recovery pipeline pressure  5.1 pipeline pressure                 2.1bar
  5.2 vertical lifting height of condensate  5.2 vertical lifting height            7m(Converts to bar)

Calculation method of total back pressure:

The lifting height of condensate (unit: m) multiplied by 0.1 is the pressure required for condensate water lifting.


Recovery pipeline pressure                    +2.1bar 

Total back pressure                             =2.8bar