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Temperature & Pressure Reducing System

   Modern heating supply center provides primarily superheated steam, which is drier, more efficient and carries more caloric power than saturated steam. However, saturated steam is preferred as heating steam, so temperature & pressure reducing device is needed in this situation.


Parameters And Technical Requirements

Outlet steam capacity:

Q=T/H(ton / hour)

Inlet steam pressure:

primary steam pressure P1=Mpa.

Temperature T1= ℃

Outlet steam pressure:

secondary steam pressure P2=Mpa,

Temperature T2= ℃

Temperature reducing water pressure: 

Pb=MpaTemperature Tb= ℃

Control mode: 


Drive mode :

a.electricb.air-powered ( gas open/ gas close)c.manual

   Temperature & pressure reducing device configuration and option are based on user’s technological requirements. Temperature & pressure reducing device comprises pressure reducing system, fail-safe system, temperature reducing system and self-control system.

Decompression system

Safety system

Temperature reduction system

Automatic control system