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Condensate recovery system

When sizing and selecting a Pressure Motive Pump,

five system conditions are required:

Examples of system conditions:
1. Condensate Load1. Condensate Load                  3635 kg / hr
2. Condensate Pressure2. Condensate Pressure                  3.4bar
3.Motive Steam, Air or other Gas Pressure available for operating the pump3.Motive Steam Pressure         Steam6.9bar
4.Available Filling Head between the bottom of the receiver tank and the top of the pump tank4.Filling Head                          12"(305mm)
5.Total System Back Pressure (BP)

5.Total back pressure(BP


a) Condensate Return Line Pressure (5a)

  5a.Line Pressure                         2.1bar

b) Vertical Height condensate must be lifted (5b)

  5b.Vertical Lift               7m(converts to BAR)

Calculation of Total Back Pressure:

To find the pressure required to lift condensate in BAR,multiply the lift in meter by 0.1

Pressure required to lift Condensate    0.7bar


Pressure in Return Pipe                       +2.1bar 

Total Back Pressure                             =2.8bar