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Steam tracing system


  PIT cable is a multi - pipe cable that integrates pipeline, high efficient thermal insulation material, heat reflection film and protective sleeve to transmit high temperature fluid. It is no longer required for pipeline welding and field insulation.

Application Area 

       Joint between tracing pipeline and steam distributor/water station

High temperature medium measuring instrument guide line;

Analysis of sampling pipelines (including CEMS, utility pipelines, etc.);

Hydraulic flame-retardant pipeline



-Materials: stainless steel, copper, Teflon, etc.

-Aperture: 1/4in~3/4in

-Length: 250m (by1/2inO.D)

Chloride resistant layer (used only for stainless steel Tube tubes)

-Corrosion resistant

-applicable temperature (-40 C to 500 C)

Insulation layer

  -Material: E- glass fiber, aerogel

  -Thickness: 8mm (standard)

Thermo reflective film

  -Material: aluminum foil

Thermoplastic protective sleeve

  -UL105℃ class

  -Flame/UV/Oil protection

  -Durable surface temperature:-(-40℃to80℃)



Comparison of traditional steam heating (antifreeze) and PIT energy saving cable

projectTraditional wayPIT Ni energy saving pipe
Pipe materialCarbon steel tube(A106-B)Stainless steel SS304/SS316
Thermal insulation materialRock wool felt and pearl cottonE- glass fiber
Thermo reflective filmaluminum foil
Outer sheathGalvanized iron sheetModified PVC sheath (color optional)
Pipeline constructionRust removal + primer + welding + heat preservationOne step method (both ends of threaded connection)
Construction time100%10%(compared to the base of contagion, the same)
Installation cost100%20%
material cost100%300%
total cost100%130%
heat loss100%31%
Failure rate of trap valve~5%(Three year average)~0.8%(Three year average)
Return period of investment6 months

Steam distribution station


Condensate recovery station